Enshrined in a commitment to excel in the presentation of operas seldom if ever seen or heard in Canada, the company's artistic vision is based on a quest for excellence in performances powered by the human voice and its ability to command attention and deliver interpretative nuance far beyond language and text. Opera in Concert is committed to an expanding sector in our community, the promotion of the art form through rare programming - the unknown, the risky - within the intimate and unplugged format of the concert stage and to provide an alternative option for many opera lovers in Ontario. Thus the company assists in broadening the horizon of opera and music theatre beyond standard repertory and standard presentational modes and to the advancement and promotion of Canadian artists.

As Board Members we are committed to this vision and welcome others who would want to contribute time and talent in pursuit of new opportunities and future achievements. It is an exciting time for opera in Canada. Find more about us by giving us a call.


Welcome to Opera in Concert!

Gordon David Baird Chair, Board of Directors

Patrick A. Chen Treasurer, Board of Directors

Barbara Moore Secretary, Board of Directors

Brian Horgan Member, Board of Directors

Bill Ross Member, Board of Directors